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The letter h for humans, and the exponent 3 for the kingdoms that make up our world and how we live in balance with them. Animal, botany and the mineral kingdom constitute the essence of h3. A venue where the human and the artisan come first in a casual ambiance. A cuisine of terroir, with an urban vision of not only the art of Riopelle or Séguin, but that of the artisans of Quebec; from our greenhouse to our maple production we create a canvas for our local winemakers and craftsmen. Briefly put all the aspects of our art we like to call hospitality.


H Anima, parce que ça va bouger. Un arbre coloré comme ça, ça va détonner, comme un tableau de Riopelle. Il fallait que ce soit monumental pour l’effet. D’ailleurs, de tous les côtés, la composition sera différente, à cause des couleurs. Marc Séguin, artiste

HUMANITI est la toute première « communauté verticale évoluéeMC » à Montréal, intelligente et connectée.  Concept architectural audacieux, distinctif, l’ensemble a la forme de la lettre h et comprend des condominiums, des appartements locatifs, un hôtel, un édifice à bureaux et des espaces commerciaux.

To Drink!

An audacious wine cellar with an international offering which equally gives place to Quebec producers. Mixology inspired by the tastes and tendencies of today. A mix of creative concotions and intemporal classics.

To see !

Because the passion that drives us is so immense, we had to share it with you ! Discover our collection of video clips and meet our great teams in action, in the daily life of the restaurant.

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